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What to do with the aging produce you bought in bulk before ‘sheltering in place’? We all are cooking more than we usually do. Sometimes we have more food than we do mouths to feed and we need to use it up before it spoils. This article will help you buy and store fresh produce strategically.  There are also many helpful recipes.




If you have small children and are trying to work from home during this COVID19 shutdown, you might be interested in this survey The Wirecutter did to find the best noise-cancelling headphones.

Drew Smith had just launched her art therapy studio for adults when COVID19 hit. She is a Board Certified Art Therapist in Portland, OR and her studio focuses on reducing the barriers to creative engagements, and the resulting physical and psychological benefits.  She has adapted her program to offer a curated set of materials in one small box with eight videos that accompany it.  The video guides assume no expertise but are designed to be engaging for people with art expertise.  The boxes can also be curated to match the level of experience and comfort of the user.  The Render Box is designed to help any level of artist engage in art-making with creative independence and reduced pressure.  The boxes are designed for ages 15 and up and all the materials are washable and non-toxic.  The boxes are $60.00 each.  Order here.

As Drew says “Research shows that being self-directed in the art process is a major component in experiencing positive changes in mood, relaxation, and self-efficacy, which is why I balance simple, clear demonstrations with lots of encouragement to “make it your own” and less emphasis on step by step instructions.”

Norman Foster is the English architect who designed the Millennium Tower, restored the Reichstag, designed the Beijing airport and worked with Steve Jobs to design Apple headquarters.  He has inspired generations of young architects.  This 2010 documentary is a wonderful 78-minute overview of his life and the designs he created.  NYTimes review.

How Much Does Your Building Weigh? is included with your Amazon Prime membership.


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