Timely nuggets of information and ideas we want to share with you.

If you like music, this is a fun website.  It’s simple to use- choose the musical year you’d like to listen to and up will come over 100 Billboard hits from that year that start playing immediately.  It would be an easy soundtrack for a party as the selections are varied.


Have you seen emojis whose meaning eluded you?  Look them up in the Emojipedia.  It is an emoji reference site where you can look up emojis and have them explained.


60% of the people in the world hand wash their laundry, and women and young girls do the washing.  The Washing Machine Project has created a new hand-crank washing machine that has saved those women 15 hours a week of laundry time.  The machine works without electricity. The Washing Machine Project has distributed these machines to families and communities in India, Iraq, Lebanon, United States, Mexico, and Uganda, impacting almost 30,000 people. The machine requires a few minutes of hand cranking for a thirty-minute cycle.


Tips for avoiding scams when shopping online.

  • Does the price make sense? If the item is suspiciously cheap, check out the item elsewhere and see what the price is.
  • Check return policy – 30 days is too long, and you should be suspicious.
  • If retailer is unfamiliar, Google the website with the word ‘scam?’
  • Travel sites are especially dangerous.
  • Look in top bar at the URL. Make sure it has https, the ‘s’ is important because it stands for ‘safe’ and has been verified.