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The new Netflix series, First Kill, is dropping June 10th.  It is about teenagers Juliette, a vampire, and Calliope, a vampire hunter, each seeking to make their first kill complicated by the romantic chemistry developing between them. The series is based on Victoria Schwab’s short story.  Schwab describes this series as “Killing Eve meets Buffy”. There is great excitement about this new Netflix Original adaptation.  Executive producers include  American Horror Story star Emma Roberts and the executive producer of the American drama film Holler, Karah Preiss.  Roberts and Preiss also founded Belletrist, an online community of readers and book lovers, now a partner of BookClub.  Subscribe to their free newsletter to learn the monthly book of choice and to receive their current favorite authors and books.


Dan Pink gives great advice, succinctly.  His Pinkcasts are very short ‘how to’ videos (three minutes or less) and I find them very entertaining and wise at the same time. You won’t learn how to fix a toilet, but you will learn how to live a better life. Visit his Pinkcast site, it is well worth it. Here are a few titles so that you get the gist of topics: “How to replace your to-do list with something way better”, “How to do good deeds the right way”, “How to deal with frustration” and “How to decide whether to say yes or no”. There are over 100 short videos with more all the time.


I find I have become sensitive to noise when I’m trying to sleep.  Mack’s Pillow Soft Silicone Putty Earplugs have been highly recommended. They completely seal the opening to your ear and can block sound.  They are soft, moldable and comfortable.  They are effective against snoring, loud noises, and events like concerts where you want to hear but not damage your eardrums.  They can also be used to prevent swimmer’s ear. A pack of twelve is $12.99.


                                                                                Illustration by Cristina Spanò

If you are a hammock lover, you must check out JiJi Lee’s advice on How to Get Out of a Hammock, published in The New York Times.  It’s hammock season, so best to be ready!


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