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I am a happy subscriber to the Uppercase magazine.  It is a quarterly no-ad print magazine about crafts, illustration and design published in Canada. Now there is Little U, which is described as an ‘occasional’ magazine/book for adults and kids.  It ‘explores making, designing, illustrating and living’.  It will highlight arts and crafts made for or by children. It is aimed at both adults and older children who will enjoy the content about children’s’ books, art-making and toys.   The issues are 5” x 6” and 240 pages, with no ads. Volume 1 and 2 are available, and volume 3 will be issued in June 2021. Individual issues are $24.00.  You can buy all three for $65.00. Canadian dollars.

I have never fully understood when to heat or ice a muscle ache or injury.  Marco Antunez from TBP Fitness explains:

Ice and heat are often used for different types of pain in physical therapy.  The question of when to use which always arises. Basically, heat relaxes muscles and opens blood vessels to increase blood flow.  This results in an increase of range of motion and reduced pain.  Ice calms down inflamed or damaged tissue and decreases blood flow to an injury. Ice reduces swelling, inflammation and pain.

Below are general guidelines and common applications of heat and ice.

Muscle tightness – heat
Arthritic pain – heat
Headaches – ice
Acute strains/pains – ice
Nerve pain – heat
Acute edema/gout – ice
Spasms – heat
Soreness/muscle ache post exercise – ice
Chronic edema – heat
Swelling – ice

Do you know someone who has decided to get the COVID Vaccine and needs help finding a location?  Text 438 829 and put in the word ‘vaccine’.  You will get the following message:

“To get locations that offer vaccines near you, text your ZIP Code.

For assistance call 1-800-232-0233. Vaccines.gov”

You type in your zip code and the reply text will list three+ nearby vaccination centers with hours of availability and contact numbers.  This is a free service.




Google’s What to Watch:

Have you gone through your list of series and movies you wanted to see?  Type into your Google search bar “What to Watch” and focus on the very top of the search page you receive, usually a row of categories to choose from, and then a row of suggested images of movies and series.  Google has many suggestions, and the lists are quite thorough and worth checking out.  There are many genres to choose from.



Here is what else happened this week;

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