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Mr. Bates vs. The Post Office is a true story of a scandal at the British Post Office and is fantastic.  It is on PBS Masterpiece and has 4 episodes.  As The New York Times said in its review, “It is a tender and shattering drama and a tense, twisty legal story”.  It is must-see.


                                                                                          Photo courtesy of the New York Times

Overnight oats are uncooked oats that you soak overnight in the refrigerator in a container of yogurt, milk, or another liquid.  While oatmeal is usually eaten hot, overnight oats are cool and creamy.  They can be made with different flavors by switching the soaking liquid and varying the mix-ins. ASE reader Lindsay E. swears by it and has it for breakfast every day.

Oats are a quick and affordable way to add fiber protein, vitamins, and minerals to your daily diet.  Overnight oats only take a few minutes to prepare and are a no-cook popular breakfast.

To make:

  • Combine equal parts old-fashioned rolled oats and a liquid like milk or yogurt in a jar or container with a lid.
  • Add a sweetener like honey to taste.
  • Cover and chill in the refrigerator overnight.
  • The oats will absorb some of the liquid and become chewy. In the morning mix in your favorite toppings – berries, coconut, chocolate chips, banana slices, nuts, granola – whatever you like.

Note:  If you’d prefer to use steel-cut oats, let them chill in the refrigerator for two nights instead of one.  Using instant oats is not recommended because they won’t keep their consistency and will dissolve.


Superscreen Daily moisturizer by Supergoop is a hydrating daily moisturizer and SPF 40 sunscreen in one.  It is lightweight and easily absorbed.  Now that I’m outside more I’m using it every day.  It should be the last step in your skincare routine and applied 15 minutes before going sun exposure.  $44.00 for 1.7 fl. oz.


ASE reader Marree T. told us about the Yuka app.  It deciphers product labels and analyzes the health impact of food products and cosmetics.  It’s amazing!

I LOVE sugar-free Barretts Ginger Beer and drink quite a lot of it.  I scanned the bar code on a can from the Yuka app, and to my dismay the rating was 41/100 and POOR.  Below that the rating is explained, and the positives and negatives are listed.  Also listed are the number of additives, color coded.   My ginger beer has 5 red hazardous additives.  I can receive longer explanations by clicking on ‘more information’. As if that’s not enough, they offer me similar items that are much healthier.  Apparently, people go around the supermarket scanning anything they might want to buy to see what Yuka thinks.  Available for iOS & Google.  https://yuka.io/en/