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grocery shop from home

Are you finding it difficult to grocery shop from home in the pandemic?  I know I am.  It can take me 24 hours of trying to finally snag a delivery time. I am grateful that people are willing to go to the store for me, but it is an imperfect process.  When the shopper is putting groceries in the cart for me, I get repeated texts for approvals of substitutions of items which are out of stock.  A Wall Street article a couple of weeks ago has some tips to make it a smoother process. Here are a few:

  • Monday is restocking day and Sunday is a high-volume shopping day so avoid shopping those days if possible.
  • Delivery slots open up any time of day and different retailers have different systems. It’s best to choose your items and complete the check-out process before you ask for a delivery slot. If deliveries are unavailable, keep refreshing the delivery page and try different retailers.
  • Instacart allows the shopper to approve replacement items at the time of ordering which speeds up shopping time. Other delivery services do not.


Grocery shop from watching movies

Ordeal by Innocence is a three-part BBC drama from 2018.  It is based on Agatha Christie’s 1958 novel and stars Bill Nighy.  It is said that it was Christie’s favorite tale. It is a darker adaptation of the novel, with no adorable Miss Marple or amusing Hercule Poirot to take the edge off. It has a great cast, was reviewed very well and gets 4 out of 5 stars.  The BBC rates it as appropriate for ages 15 and up.  Available on Amazon Prime.

washing dishes and grocery shopping

Now that we are spending more time cooking and washing dishes – here is a kitchen tip from a subscriber.  Re-usable silicone gloves have a scrubbing, brush-like surface on the palms and fingers.  Clean gloves in the dishwasher. Pair of gloves $11.99

I often read about products that are the latest health trend like Kombucha or beauty products, without a recommended brand. I usually try to find organic versions but rarely do I know which one is better than others.  Take Care has a crowdsourced, curated list of sustainable alternatives for products and services.  They research each company they have recommended to them by looking at the impact it has in its industry, confirming that the core of the company is centered around a sustainable approach, and other criteria.


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