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Reduce your water footprint:

Did you know that:

It takes 7 gallons of water to produce 1 cup of tea, vs. 66 gallons of water to produce 1 cup of coffee.

1 lb. peanuts take 200 gallons of water vs 1900 gallons to produce 1 lb. almonds.

The worst news is that it takes 2,000 gallons of water to produce 1 lb. of chocolate compared to 392 gallons of water to produce 1 lb. of figs.

Note:  Eat locally and seasonally – anything that requires long-distance delivery or shipping means more fuel and fuel production requires huge amounts of water.

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This is a photo of the world’s first floating farm, in the Netherlands. Are floating farms the future of our food? This one began in 2019 raising dairy cows in Rotterdam, Netherlands.  With 40 cows on the farm, the cows produce 320,000 liters of raw milk from which the farmers make pasteurized milk and yogurt. It is a climate adaptive solution to producing healthy food.  Click here to learn more about this Floating Farm.



The founders of Farmer’s Fridge wondered why it was so difficult to find fresh food on the go.  Where could people easily find healthy meals with fruits and vegetables? They created a network of smart Fridges, (the name they’ve given their refrigerated vending machines) to make finding fresh and healthy meals as easy as finding a candy vending machine.  They began in 2013 with 1 Fridge and currently have 500.  They also sell to Target and Amazon Go.

The Fridges contain fresh, handmade meals, mostly packaged in jars.  They contain salads, wraps, snacks and more, all made with high-quality and often local ingredients.  Every meal is made in their kitchen facility and delivered to Fridges and customers.  Each meal contains a full serving of fruit and vegetables.


Memories – Family photos are at the top of most people’s list of treasures – but scanning and sorting them is associated with oppression and monumental tasks not yet completed. Enter Google’s new PhotoScan.

You download the PhotoScan App onto your phone, and it does most of the heavy lifting. You aim your phone at the image you want to capture and instead of taking a ‘picture of your picture’ – this app guides you in a few seconds into edge detection, perspective correction and glare reduction. You identify and store the high-res scan of your photo in Apple or Google Photos. It will be beautiful and easy to retrieve. Short video describing PhotoScan.

App Store, PhotoScan by Google

PhotoScan by Google Photos