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Fill these pouches with your drink of choice – milk, juice, tea coffee or snacks.  The pouches work for hot or cold drinks, are food-grade and made from non-toxic BPA-free materials.  Each pouch has a re-closable zipper to prevent leaks.  The bottom flattens out so the pouch will stand up.  The pouches are freezable. There are 100 pouches and 100 straws for $17.99.


The weather is getting less predictable and having a hand-crank LED lantern sounds like a good idea. The Goal Zero Lighthouse 600 Camping Lantern has a bright and adjustable LED light.  It also has a built-in lithium battery that can charge smartphones and other USB devices.  If you have a power failure it can be powered manually by turning a crank for one minute which will provide 10 minutes of illumination. It can also be charged with a solar panel that is sold separately.  $69.95.


If you are looking for a particular used book that is difficult to find, BookFinder.com has been highly recommended as the best online source.  Its search engine looks for your book on Amazon, Ebay, Biblio and 100,000 indie booksellers.  You receive a list of all the copies available, organized by price, with the link to purchase from each source.



To remember where you parked your car – Ask Siri to remember where your car is parked, she will put a pin down on a map.  When you are ready to leave, ask Siri to show you where your car is parked.