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Amanda James Gallery in Delray Beach, FL is a cacophony of color.  Amanda designs beautiful fabrics and has them made into clothes, shoes and gorgeous throw pillows.

She is also a ceramicist and will customize her ceramics.  You can choose the design and add monograms, dates or messages.



Sur La Table is offering online cooking classes.  They have single, two and four hour classes covering topics like knife skills, plant- based recipes and soups.  They also offer six culinary courses on Basics of Baking & Pastry, Foundations of Cuisine, Cooking Methods and more.  The courses are virtual but the students are expected to cook alongside the instructor. The classes cost $59 – $299, and six of the courses are approved for college credit





I came across a couple of quintessential British phrases the other day that made me laugh:

Chin wag – British slang for a chat

Butter on a crumpet – Easy as pie



I recently ordered these silicone Souper Cubes freezing trays and find them very handy.  I like to have homemade soups in the freezer and Souper Cubes allows you to freeze your soups or sauces in 2 cup or 1 cup portions.  The soup or sauce is easy to pop out and use without having to defrost the entire tray.  The wells in the trays each have ½ cup, 1 cup, 125ml and 250ml fill lines. Each tray comes with a lid.  A 2-pack of either size with lids is $36.00.  A single freezer tray with lid is $19.95.