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Nap dress

A friend asked me to research ‘nap’ dresses because she was beginning to feel stalked by them.  Every time she turned around someone was talking about nap dresses, but she wasn’t able to figure out what they were.  It turns out that a particular person and company makes the Nap Dress.  It is not a nightgown, a caftan or a house dress but it has become a household word.

Nap Dress

The Nap Dress

It is made as a dress by Nell Diamond of Hill House Home, a linen company.  There are five styles in different colors and period-piece patterns.  There are pink stripes, green gingham and white with blue Swiss dots.  It can be worn as a comfortable, flattering easy dress to slip on for any occasion.  Since it debuted in 2020, sales have soared.  Her prices range from $75.00 – $175.  Other companies are also selling Nap Dress-type dresses during the pandemic.  Free People sells a 100% cotton version that comes in four colors for $98.00 and Amazon has many styles and colors ranging in price from $25.00 – $50.00.

use 2 masks to eat

How to eat and drink without removing your masks! Fold two surgical masks carefully so that the top of the lower one and the bottom of the upper one meet level to your mouth. Loop both behind your ears and you’re good to go!

David Attenborough's Museum Alive

Isn’t David Attenborough amazing?  Just released is Museum Alive which brings to life scientifically accurate visual dioramas – 3D models and animation – of now-extinct creatures in what they call ‘augmented reality’. David Attenborough is the guide and videos and photographs from many of his expeditions over the years are included.  This will be great for the entire family.

The app is $2.99. It is designed for mobile devices like iPad and iPhone.

Watch the trailer here.


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