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Wool drying balls shorten your clothes drying time by absorbing moisture and reducing wrinkles.  These balls are chemical free and handmade. They contain chemical-free natural fabric softener. A 6-pack of XL balls is $9.97



Did you know that UPS drivers never turn left and haven’t since 2004? The strategy is a complicated mathematical equation that has saved UPS and other companies (in right hand drive countries only) who have adopted it, millions of dollars.  The vehicle routing software determined that turning was a waste of both time and money.  It reduces the chance of an accident and time waiting in traffic which wastes not only time but fuel. Since the strategy was adopted UPS has saved 10 million gallons of fuel, emitted 20,000 fewer tons of carbon dioxide and delivered 350,000 more packages with the time saved.  The Australian-American science entertainment TV show Mythbusters tested UPS claims about saving fuel and found that eliminating left turns does save fuel.

If ALL drivers adopted the strategy it could mean dramatic savings, reduced carbon emissions and fewer accidents.

AARP keeps a map of the scams reported by their members.  Its Fraud Watch Network highlight current schemes and swindles.  Forewarned is forearmed.  Fraud Watch Network.


Favorite recent environmental tip from Today We Will:

“Choose a bar of soap over body wash.

WHY: About 2 billion bottles of body wash head to landfills in the US every year. Most are made of plastic. We will reduce our plastic waste by opting for bars of soap.

HOW: When we’re shopping for body wash, choose a bar of soap instead. Boom. Plastic crisis averted. The less packaging, the better. It’s soap, after all.”


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