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I went into a Sephora the other day and came upon a display of rollerball travel-size perfume sprays.  Since I am going on a trip soon, I bought several.  Sephora has MANY to choose from!  I found one of my favorite Dior perfumes and sampled many other brands.  They range in price from $22.00 – $39.00.


Looking for a new career path?  You can become a yacht namer and work with .01 percenters – aka the billionaires.  There are several yacht naming consultants.  The creative director at Ferras, a Viennese branding firm, has many clients who have hired him to assist them in naming their mega yachts. There is also the new yacht-naming consultancy branch of Studio Antagonist, an Italian creative-marketing firm, so career opportunities in the field are expanding!

Some billionaires’ yacht names:

Giorgio Armani – Main
Bill Gates – Wayfinder
Barry Diller & Diane von Furstenberg – Eos
Bernard Arnault – Symphony (his wife is a concert pianist)
Laurene Powell Jobs – Venus
Jerry Jones (Dallas Cowboys owner) – Bravo Eugenia (after his wife)
John Malone (cable and media giant) – Liberty (after his media conglomerate)
James Dolan (owner of the New York Knicks) – Knickerbocker
David Beckham – Seven (his Manchester United F.C. jersey number)
Thierry Stern (Patek Philippe owner) – Nautilus
Jeff Bezos – Koru
Larry Ellison – Rising Sun
Paul Allen – Octopus
Sergey Brin – Dragonfly


It’s travel season and if you are traveling and in need of laptop-friendly areas, check out Laptop Friendly. It’s a directory of places with free Wi-Fi, like coffee shops and hotel lobbies around the world.  The spots recommended have free Wi-Fi, lots of power outlets, and comfortable seating.


The new AirPods Pro are amazing.  The sound is better than the old pair I had, and they are comfortable to wear.  The Transparency Mode, where you can hear the music you’re playing and hear noise around you is better than it was.  They are also noise-cancelling, and that feature is customizable. Using the accessibility settings on your iPhone, you can amplify sounds, adjust the balance, tone, and ambient noise reduction to hear what’s happening around you.  You can also turn on Conversation Boost to focus on a person talking in front of you.  That almost puts them in the hearing-aid category!   If you have had a hearing test and have a hearing profile (try the Mimi Hearing Test app) you can apply your hearing profile to the AirPods to make the sound better for you.  $199.99.