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write the date internationally

In the U.S., we sometimes think that the way we do things is the only way.  It turns out the rest of the world has a different opinion about many of our customs that they think are very odd.  Here are a few examples:

  • We are one of only three countries that still use the imperial system for measurement. Everyone else uses the metric system.
  • Americans eat enormous portions of food compared to other countries.
  • Americans use much more ice in their drinks.
  • We write the date beginning with the month while many other countries write it starting with the day.
  • We advertise prescription drugs and are urged to ask our doctors to prescribe the drug. In other countries, doctors suggest what prescription drugs we need, not the other way around.

The Village Voice logo

The Village Voice, the iconic, smart, counter-culture newspaper of my formative years has re-launched as a print quarterly.  The original, ‘Voice’, was launched in Greenwich Village in 1955 and the last issue was printed in September of 2017.  A young Bob Dylan was on the final front page giving a ‘good-bye’ salute.  Look for the print edition in newsstands in NYC and the rest of us can follow the online edition.

The new Voice has lots of current arts and entertainment and articles from the archives of the original Voice.  And yes – you can get updates on the “Cannabis Scene”, it IS the Village Voice.

RAO's homemage marinara

Until the tomatoes you planted mature and bear fruit, here is the tomato sauce that was rated number one by New York Magazine.  Rao’s Homemade Marinara Sauce was the clear front runner in their survey.  Even chefs like it because it is made without any added sugars or preservatives. One chef said it has an “authentic taste with a sweet, delicate flavor”.

Available at grocery stores or on Amazon for $7.49.

Best news bloopers

If you want a laugh, watch this YouTube video of the Best News Bloopers of 2019, and the Best News Bloopers of 2020.


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