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Friday Bulletin June 5 Yesterday movie

We streamed the movie Yesterday last night and really liked it.  It is a 2019 romantic comedy about a struggling musician who, recovering after an accident, finds that he is the only person who remembers The Beatles. He becomes famous after he begins to perform their songs and takes credit for them. It has appearances by Ed Sheeran and Kate McKinnon.  I did not particularly like the premise when I heard it so did not rush to see it.  In a pandemic, however, a rom-com seems the perfect choice.  I liked it and am happy to have seen it, my husband REALLY liked it. It is rated PG-13 and runs almost 2 hours. Available on HBO, Amazon Prime and You Tube.

If you have an iPhone and have downloaded the iOS 13 program that came out last fall, here is an interesting and positive improvement. It used to be that if you lost your phone in an internet-free area, your ‘Find My Phone’ app was unable to find your phone.  In iOS 13, Apple has deputized all the other 1.4 billion iPhones in the world to be little tattle tales about where your iPhone is.  Any passing iPhone with iOS 13 will pick up your phone’s Bluetooth signal and send the location back to you.  You will need a second Apple device to decrypt your phone’s location, however.  A laptop or iPad will do the trick.

iPhone tips

And, one more!  I just learned that it is possible to have unknown callers be sent directly to voice mail.  Only callers that are in your contacts and people you’ve called will make the phone ring, vibrate or display a notification.  Since the amount of robocalls I receive on my iPhone has increased, I can’t wait to go to Settings then Phone then Silence Unknown Callers.

Friday Bulletin June 5 Wandering Mind

I don’t know about you, but I find that since quarantining began, my mind is a sieve, and I can’t stop it from wandering ALL THE TIME!  Thank goodness I found this article called “9 Ways to Focus a Wandering Mind”.  I’m working my way through the tips and have high hopes of regaining my sanity.

playing Mahjong

Considering learning to play Mahjong?  American Mahjong Practice 2020 offers pattern practice for the 2020 cards.  You can play off line.  The Tile Counting feature assists in strategy decisions. Test your game strategy with the Replay option. This is a good way to learn new cards and new combinations.

Asian symbol

Google Play $1.99

Mahjong Asian symbol

For iPhone and iPad.  Free with in-app purchases.


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