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ASE reader Janet W. told us about Goldbelly.  They have meal kits that are not your ordinary culinary experience.  These kits are based on the U.S.’s most popular and well-known dishes and meals. Scrolling through the possibilities I could order was a party for my taste buds.  Among the offerings are the Fried Chicken Biscuit Sandwich Kit from the Sunrise Biscuit Kitchen in Chapel Hill, NC, Ribs & Chicken Combo Pack (serves 4) from Dinosaur BBQ in Syracuse, NY, Jim’s Philly Cheesesteaks – 4 pack, from Jim’s Steaks in Philadelphia, PA, and on and on.  I hardly know where to start.  Meal Kits.


A recent post to Facebook by the owner of a Chicago restaurant shows a GrubHub receipt from the anonymous restaurant showing that the restaurant earned about $1,043 from 46 orders through GrubHub. After various fees and promotions, it only took home $376.54.  With the population sheltering in place, our local restaurants are struggling.   I have read several news reports about how much the food delivery apps charge the restaurants for using their service.  In this pandemic, many restaurants are trying to stay afloat with take-out orders. Many of the delivery apps are charging the restaurants exorbitant fees and basically stripping away any profit the restaurant is making on the take-out order. Recently Instacart, which I had been using for grocery delivery, and Doordash, were accused of keeping the tips meant for the drivers.  There was enough public push back that Instacart, at least, reversed that policy.

There is no way for the restaurant workers or drivers to receive any tips directly so we must be mindful about our online ordering.   We now only order from restaurants that have their own delivery people, or we do curbside pick-up.  We do not use GrubHub, Uber Eats, Doordash, Postmates, Seamless or other food delivery apps.  Go directly to the restaurant’s webpage and order from there. Two weeks ago New York joined many other cities in putting temporary commission limits on food delivery apps.

The Maine Trail Finder is a free, interactive mapping site to help anyone interested in outdoor activities find outlets across the state.  They have hiking, walking, snowshoeing, mountain biking, cross-country skiing and paddling trails within the state of Maine. The goal of Maine Trail Finder is to help people be outside, active and experience Maine’s beauty and all it has to offer.  With summer coming and being with family and friends in open areas to socially distance is encouraged, this is a terrific resource. The trails are open during the pandemic, but many restrooms are closed.

Sandy Golinkin is the founder and CEO of Raising the Bar, a consultancy focused on helping college students and young adults find their insight and confidence to identify their purpose, realize their full potential, and achieve the highest standards of professional excellence. Raising the Bar.  Her mentoring, coaching and workshops are especially helpful to job seekers navigating the unprecedented challenges of a Covid-19 job market.  Sandy has asked ASE to let you know that she is offering free online help for students and young professionals caught up in these turbulent times.  Sandy describes the obstacles and her path forward for today’s job seekers.

They are now facing, for the first time, the full-time job market and life is very challenging. Their summer internships and job offers are being rescinded or postponed and they are not at all sure where to begin. I am focused on helping them navigate their career paths right now with FREE Zoom classes. They range in topics from how to create a succinct and informative resume to cover letters to being a stand-out candidate to a zoom interview. Q&A and open discussions are held 2-4 times each week as well.

I am also sharing thoughts and advice on how young adults can be most productive during these unexpected hours that the virus has delivered. Classes are open to all college students/young adults in America.  

Also, quite fascinating and initially unexpected, various highly motivated students have taken the initiative to work with me to form “career prep” groups amongst their classmates and friends. This has become immensely popular and now  include universities ranging from Berkley to U of Wisconsin to Yale and 7 others; like-minded students (pre-med and marketing and financial) meet with me each week to role play and have specific tutorials and discussions to ensure they will bring their “A” game to the job market. Some of the classes include interactive role playing and others feature guest speakers and experts from LinkedIn, ABC, Google, HBO, Morgan Stanley, and HubSpot. The feedback has been tremendous.  Team leaders and participating students are available to be interviewed.” ~ Sandy Golinkin

To join a free Zoom session with Sandy click here:  RTB .   It takes you to the site and immediately to the new COVID landing page.   When you land there,  just click “learn more” and it takes you to the  info on the free zoom sessions . You can schedule right there.


 Sandy Golinkin describing free Zoom career sessions – in a time of Covid.

Sandy is featured in this ASE article on Career Coaches.


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