Cameo Friday Bulletin

Timely nuggets of information and ideas we want to share with you.

Cameo messages from Celebrities

Check out the website ‘Cameo‘!  Get celebration cards, videos, or book a Zoom call –   personalized by the celebrity you choose.  $30.00 and up. Athletes, actors, reality TV, musicians, and comedians are all available.  Place your request and it will be completed in 7 days. Whoever thought of this is a genius!

Naomi Ekperigen's Cameo

Check out comedienne Naomi Ekperigen’s first sample (the one on the far left of the three there).   I’m still laughing!

Symbololology and Cameo Friday Bulletin

Word has done something unhelpful to their symbols – it seems they removed accents and fractions.  It takes me forever now to look up how to put in an accent.  I was thrilled to learn about Symbololology.  You won’t need most of the symbols they offer, but there are my fractions and accents plus some cute decorative symbols, fancy alphabet letters and more, all on one page.  At the very bottom of the page they offer a click-thru where you can customize your symbols. I LOVE Symbololology,

fix ring around the collar

How to remove those annoying yellow stains from white shirts: Soak the stain for 30 minutes in white vinegar, working the vinegar into the stain.  Fill a sink or basin with hot water and an enzyme detergent like Tide and 2TBS of either an all-fabric or chlorine bleach – and soak for up to an hour.  Rub in detergent and wash, adding more bleach.  If stain is still there, launder again.  To help prevent yellow sweat stains use deodorants that are aluminum-free and wash white shirts after each wearing.

These really are cakes, not Crocs! See photos below:

Cake that looks like Crocs

Realistic cakes – wait until you see these!  Thanks to ASE reader Karah P. we discovered the Tasty Twitter pages with these amazing cakes!! There are many more at this link.

Check out the ones below!




Here’s what else happened this week:

Can’t Give or Go to a Baby Shower?

clothes for newborns


Portable furniture appropriate for pandemics

portable outdoor furniture