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Down Dog yoga app, by Buddhi,  provides online courses, good playlists and great customized options.  You can choose the length of instruction based on the time you have, choose your level of yoga, type of yoga, the focus you want, the instruction voice and music.  $9.99 a month subscription or $59.99 a year gives you full access to all of the Buddhi programs – Yoga, Yoga for Beginners, HIIT (high intensity interval training), Barre, 7 minute and Prenatal.  Check for a 33% off sale which is on now.

As if David Byrne (of Talking Heads fame) wasn’t busy enough with his popular play “American Utopia” which closed just six months ago, and his Arbutus Foundation sponsoring the delightful “Reasons to be Cheerful” website, I’m only now learning he has a radio station. For the past decade he has operated his own “radio station,” which is really his own curated playlists. Every month on his website David Byrne Radio, Byrne streams a 100-minute loop of new, old, classic, odd, unusual, fabulous music he’s discovered and loves. He writes a short introduction and supplies the full playlist  It has been a great way to discover new music.   Check out his Nov. 2018 playlist of eternal protest songs.


This is an easy, informative read.  The authors of Get Out of My Head do not want to solve your problems, instead, they want to give you tips and tricks to solve your own.  There are many real-life stories as well as the science to back it all up.  It is 112 pages, small and nicely illustrated. $16.20.


Sunscoop is an amazing plant-based ‘ice cream’ which requires no compromise.   It is delicious first – and uses only organic, plant based, high quality ingredients, full of nutrients, to make you feel good as a bonus. My daughters shipped this frozen treat to me and I recommend it to you.  It is denser, richer and smoother than most ice-cream – more like gourmet gelato.

The founder, Carli Blum, loves ice-cream, but has allergies to most of the usual ingredients.  She is on a personal mission to create an ‘ice-cream’ which makes people feel good. She has refined her recipes in her health food café in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.  The result is six flavors of ‘ice-cream’ made of coconut cream: Dark Cacao, Toasted Coconut Butter, Mint Chip, Strawberry, Vanilla and Wild Blueberry Crumble.

Sunscoop is available in the freezer section in some Whole Foods or look for a nearby location here.  I have had it delivered to Florida.  Currently, shipping is free.  Pick your own four-pint pack, $62.05.  Pick your own six-pint pack, $70.55.


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