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Local Bookstores

ASE reader Diana D. has tipped us off to Bookshop, an online bookstore with a mission to financially support local, independent bookstores.  They have raised just under $5 million to date.  Here are a few of their efforts to promote local bookstores:

  • Every receipt they email customers tells them about the local bookstores near them.
  • 10% of regular sales on Bookshop.org are added to an earnings pool that is evenly divided and distributed to independent bookstores every six months.

Another effort to support independent bookstores is Belletrist, which we have written about before. Belletrist has become an affiliate store of Bookshop.  Belletrist supports authors, good books and those who read them.  Founders Karah Preiss and Emma Roberts post many author interviews on Instagram and choose a book a month and an independent bookstore each month to promote.

Total Body Performance Fitness and Wellness is a health and wellness business that offers one-on-one and small group strength training and assessment, injury prevention, recovery training, balance training, core strengthening and stabilization for teenagers/athletes to geriatrics. In addition,  nutrition and wellness partner Sara Florio has created many delicious recipes that are also good for you.

Currently she is creating recipes for traditional dishes from countries around the world celebrating their Independence Days.  Last week she made dumplings (using a recipe from ASE’s dumpling article) to celebrate Mongolia’s Independence Day on July 11th.  Check out her other recipes on TBP’s Instagram under @tbp_fit.

So far, she has celebrated Argentina (steak & shrimp chimichurri), USA (strawberry shortcake), Belarus (borscht), Canada (poutine), Luxembourg (bouneschlupp), England (fish & chips), Iceland (breakfast parfait), Portugal (clams with chorizo), Italy (linguini with white clam sauce) Honduras (baleadas), and more to come!! Go to https://tbpfitness.com/recipes/.


Remember “Bill Nye The Science Guy” from years ago?  Then he did “Consider the Following” with Bill Nye where The Science Guy answered our questions about science in fun, fast-paced two- minute videos. He has come out of retirement because he is fed up with people who won’t wear masks.  Check out his video about the benefits of wearing masks during the coronavirus pandemic.

Working from Home Temporarily by Glenn Fleishman is a free 72-page e-book that offers great advice on how to set up this new workstyle. It covers how to set up your workspace, how to structure your work day, how to take effective breaks, how to coordinate with your family if others are also working from home and much more.


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