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Book Freak is a new blog with weekly posts.  Mark Frauenfelder chooses a topic and finds short bits of advice on the subject from several relevant books.  It is fun and easy reading and can be useful as well! Recent topics have included The Benefits of Listening, Decluttering and Public Speaking Tips.



David Hockney, one of the most influential British artists, is using his iPad as his canvas. Stop playing Angry Birds and start creatingDavid Hockney’s Digital Creations.




Worried that the brain supplements you take to defend against future dementia might not be what they claim?  Recent studies show that they probably will not have much effect against dementia, and that there is reason for concern that they are not even what they claim to be.  This is a $5 billion market, with 25% of American adults over 50 taking some kind of brain supplement.  The FDA does not regulate vitamins, minerals or herbal products.  The most popular brain supplements are omega-3, turmeric/curcumin and green tea.  Consumers’ only line of defense is to make sure their supplements have a seal of approval from U.S. Pharmacopeia, or NSF International.  Those three independent organizations test supplements to make sure they are what they say they are, are properly manufactured and don’t contain any harmful contaminants.


Drowning doesn’t look like drowning.  Now that summer has arrived, it is worth reading this article so that you can recognize a person who is in real trouble in the water.  Most drowning does not announce itself with TV style thrashing and yelling.  It is deceptively quiet and difficult to spot.  Soundings article on recognizing downing victims in time.

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