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My new favorite fashion item is a face mask with a photo of the lower part of your face.  Your friends and your iPhone will recognize you now!  It’s a brilliant idea.  All you have to do is go to one of the websites making them, upload a photo of the lower part of your face that the mask will cover, and they will create the custom mask.  The masks are not expensive, ranging in price from $5.00 – $15.00 and all are machine washable. Here are some companies making these masks:

Maskalike has been featured by the Wall Street Journal, the Today Show and ABC News for creating washable masks from a photo the customer uploads of the lower part of their face. The company is very close to launching but isn’t quite ready yet.  Keep checking the website for when you will be able to order.

This Etsy site (one of many) appears to be up and running but I have not heard how good the quality is. The masks are $13.00.

This company also appears to actively creating the custom masks for $12.00 each.




In case you have not yet seen this very sweet song about quarantine and love by Jake Gyllenhaal, check it out on You Tube.  It’s emblematic of distance, isolation and connection in the time of COVID.  He wrote and recorded it in 24 hours.




Rob Kenney’s father walked out on his family of 8 children when he was 13 years old and life became very tough.  His goal was to become an adult who would provide a stable home for his children and raise them to be good adults, which he did.  He also began making videos of ‘dadvice’ for kids who maybe didn’t have a dad in their lives.  The videos contain practical life lessons that kids would typically ask their dad about.  These topics include how to iron a shirt, change car oil, tie a tie,  unclog a sink and many more.  The comments he has received from grateful young adults are heartwarming, and he is very likable.

Check out his You Tube channel.


Our daughter gave us small turtle cutting boards which we use as decorations,  coasters and as cheese boards.  Small turtle in curly maple, 11” x 8” x ¾”.  $90.

When Pigs Can Fly Cutting Board?  Small, 7” x 10”.  $110