Tips for grandparents taking the kids to Disney World, find a restaurant you will love in any new place with The Infatuation app, a pair of pants from Uniqlo you will wear for years and more…




Do you or your parents want to take grandchildren to Disney World?  If so, these tips might be helpful, especially if it’s been awhile!




The Infatuation app will find you the perfect restaurant – just put in your city and search by type of food, venue, popularity and many other criteria.  The reviewers can’t be bought.  They show up unannounced, pay for everything and call it like they see it.  I was at Hudson Yards the other day and it has an overwhelming array of new dining options nearby.  The Infatuation was the perfect guide.

The Infatuation bought Zagat (yes, the old-school, crowd sourced, red book restaurant bible for foodies) and the 2020 issue of the famous red book will be available in the fall.

You can sign up for The Infatuation newsletter to find out about the newest restaurants in your home city or use The Infatuation to plan culinary adventures when you visit a new place.  Recent articles include ‘London’s Newest Restaurant Openings’, ‘Where to Eat & Drink In Ojai’, ‘Best NYC Date Restaurants’ and ‘Where to Eat Outside in Seattle in the Summer’.

The Infatuation App for Apple.

The Infatuation App on Google Play.

See our ASE article on other apps which help you find restaurants near you.


You won’t take off these pants from Uniqlo.  I have a daughter in the fashion business, and she has been wearing them for years – the same pair.  Oddly, they do not wear out or lose their shape.  They are comfortable for the gym and a walk – but with casual, Saturday morning comfort. In six colors.  Uniqlo Ultra Stretch Active Ankle-Length Pants for women.  On sale $19.90

Note: If you don’t already own a Uniqlo ultra-light down coat or vest… check them out.  I use the vest as a layer and the compact coat as a coat, robe, blanket on the plane, and layer under a raincoat when I travel.



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