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This fun website is called Fold ‘n Fly with folding instructions, video tutorials, and printable folding plans to make paper airplanes.  This is SO fun!  The next rainy day have a family contest. There are just under 50 different plans to choose from.  When looking for plans choose among Easy, Medium, Hard and Expert skill levels, and among types – Distance, Time Aloft, Acrobatic and Decorative.

laurel canyon, the friday bulletin

Thanks to ASE reader Dave K., I am loving the docuseries Laurel Canyon.  If you love ’70’s music, or lived through the music revolution of the late ’60s-early ’70’s you will love this two-part docuseries on EPIX.  Great clips, music and history.

Stream on EPIX or Amazon Prime.

Why to wear a mask:

From the Instagram of drjengunter: Bacteria with and without wearing a mask.

“This is a great Facebook post from Katie Corley who I believe is a lab tech. She coughed on a petri dish with and without a mask to see what grew. Without a mask tons of bacteria and with a cloth mask much less.
Viruses are much smaller, so we can’t make a direct comparison with COVID. However, it’s clear masks reduce the spread of the droplets that can spread ”

Don’t ‘dis’ the Queen.

On vacation, while playing Gin Rummy, a young girl asked her father why the King was worth more than the Queen.  He agreed that it was a good question with its origin hundreds of years ago when the world was a very different place.

The dad challenged his daughter to design a better deck of cards and build a business. QueenG (Queen+King) is the result.

Link to the video from the founder.

The new deck has 52 cards and two jokers, just like a standard pack.  Since all genders are equal, the top cards are Monarchs – Kings and Queens.  The second most valuable cards are Dukes and Duchesses.  What would have been Jacks are now Princes and Princesses.  You can play all the same old card games, you will just have a lot less explaining to do to a generation which knows that both genders are equally valuable. Two decks of QueenG Playing cards, $28.  Five decks, $50.