covid vaccine dance

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covid vaccine dance

Check out the dance the Boston Medical Center workers did to Lizzo to celebrate the arrival of the COVID vaccine.  It’s fabulous!

Hilma effective relief for head tension

Hilma is a company founded by three women (getting the job done, as usual) who created natural options backed by science for the most common over the counter medical remedies in our medicine cabinets.  It took two years of research by a “world-class team of scientists”.  Three clinical studies later, Hilma has arrived.  Hilma offers immune support, and remedies for upset stomach, headache and tension and sinus issues.

Dogs who look like their owners

Do you look like your dog? Gerrard Gethings, an animal photographer,  has 15 hilarious photos of pairs of dogs and their owners. He was commissioned to photograph pairs of identical-looking dogs and their owners for a game by Laurence King Publishing.  After the game was released, Gethings released a book.  It’s wonderful.

Peloton Artists Series

Do You Peloton with the Beatles? “Help!  All You Need is Love?  Let it Be.”

Are you aware of the ‘Artist Series’ which features rides, runs, yoga and strength – by favorite artists who provide the beat?  Ride with Billie Joel or Smokey Robinson, then do yoga accompanied by Steve Martin or The Grateful Dead. We’d be interested in your favorite workouts, share in the comment box.

Check out Peloton’s “Best of 2020” Classes/ Top 50 of 2020.  The classes will be led by Emma Lovewell, Leanne Hainsby, Alex Toussaint, Cody Rigsby, and Kendall Toole.


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