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It must be fun to work at the Milwaukee Public Library these days.  The staff has made videos for Tik Tok and Instagram that have attracted millions of views.  They are charming and humorous.  The coordinator of library volunteers writes the captions and a library research and policy coordinator shoots and edits the videos.  Seventy-five library staff members have played parts in the videos.   Check out some of them here.


Machine Pix is an Instagram account with videos of various machines performing their automated tasks.  This includes street sweeping, nail-making, weeding, knot-tying, fruit peeling, making light bulbs and many more!  Any adult or child who likes machines will love this site!


If you are interested in stones, fossils, crystals, minerals and/or rocks, you will enjoy this site.  This stone ID app is called Rock Identifier and it works quickly in scanning and identifying rocks, minerals, and crystals. It has an extensive database that allows you to compare your stones to other images, as well as learn the chemical and physical properties, locality, uses, and more. Learn  to tell the difference between fake and real crystals and gemstones and identify minerals. There’s a 7-day free trial, and after that it is $29.99 for a yearly subscription.

Available for iOS

Available for Google


Tom Peters’ Compact Guide to Excellence was my go-to Christmas gift to many friends this year. It is a small book (6.5” x 6.5”) full of thought-provoking leadership lessons – both his and others.  Tom Peters, the author of THE book on organizational excellence, In Search of Excellence, has written eighteen other books.  This compact guide is a succinct collection of his beliefs. $21.49.