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Reminder:  Several holiday plants are poisonous to our pets.  Here’s a quick guide:

Amaryllis can bring on diarrhea, a loss of appetite as well as tremors.

Poinsettias leaves, if eaten, will produce vomiting.

Holly leaves will cause severe abdominal issues.

Lilies can cause seizures and sometimes kidney failure in cats.  Some lilies will upset dogs’ stomachs.

Mistletoe can cause a drop in blood pressure, breathing problems and behavioral changes.

For a full list of holiday poisonous plants for pets go to


Good news can be hard to come by, so here are 99 good news stories to read when you need a pick-me-up.

A New York Times article two weeks ago gave a wrap up of holiday giving for the 2019 holiday season and there were surprises.  The gift-giving trends from 2019 showed that while over- the- top presents were still bought and given, Americans’ consumerism is decreasing.  People gave and received more used items, homemade items and ‘experiences’ such as travel, cooking, language classes or theater tickets.  More people requested charitable donations in their names as gifts or asked for nothing at all.  The article is quick to point out that almost 190 million Americans shopped this holiday season, a 14% increase over last year.  Most were buying new merchandise and 7% shopped in thrift stores, but all the alternatives to retail presents listed above have been increasing in popularity since 2016.  Environmental concerns and the climate crisis are two of the reasons people cite for not wanting to buy new ‘stuff’ as presents.

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