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We all need basic comfort sometimes and Purrbles deliver.  A Purrble is “An interactive friend that helps you calm down and manage emotions”.  It has a soothing vibration/purr and a long battery life.  The Purrble can get scared and anxious if held upside down or moved suddenly and you will feel its heart beating in fear.  To soothe your Purrble, stroke and pet its back and it will calm down and begin to purr. In the process of soothing your Purrble, you will also calm down.  It’s magic! I have to admit I found the Purrble I met quite adorable.  It is appropriate for ages 3 – 103.  $49.99.


The British Library Crime Classics Book Series is a lovely, period-style set of paperbacks.  It is a collection of classics and overlooked crime and mystery books published 50 + years ago.  Many have been out of print. They date from 1864 and there are currently 89 books in the series with more to come. They are edited and the collection is curated by Martin Edwards who was recently awarded the CWA (Crime Writers’ Association) Diamond Dagger award. The books are reprinted by the British Library.    They are $12.95 – $15.95 each on Amazon.


Learn about your personal skin tone in order to understand what the most flattering colors for your skin, hair and eyes will be for you to wear.  You can learn what colors look best on you by season.  There is also a shopping companion which uses your camera to recognize colors that are flattering for you.  The app is free.


The New York Times provides a wonderful pandemic service with their Watching column.  They review TV shows and movies and also provide their “50 Best…” lists.  I love browsing through the lists and being reminded of movies and shows I’ve loved, hated, or been scared by.  If you are with friends or family, it’s fun to introduce your favorites to those who’ve never seen them.  The current lists are “The 50 Best Movies on Netflix Right Now” as of mid-January 2021, “The Best Movies on Amazon Prime Right Now” also as of mid-January, 2021, “The Best TV Shows on Netflix Right Now” as of January 22nd, 2021,  “The Best Movies and Shows on Hulu Right Now” as of January 7th, 2021 and “The 50 Best TV Shows and Movies to Watch on Disney + Right Now” as of January 22, 2021.


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