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Drive and listen app

Feeling trapped in your home because of the weather and the pandemic?  Subscriber Anne F. told us about a new app to help you out.  It’s called Drive & Listen.  Drive around the city of your choice virtually (you can pretend you’re either a passenger or the driver) and tune into a local radio station provided by the app.  It’s SO fun!  It was developed by a Turkish student getting a Master’s Degree in Munich. The app currently has over 50 cities to tour and take in the sites while listening to the local radio station. You can customize the speed of the car, hear the sounds of the road if you wish and choose the radio station you’d like to listen to. I recently took a delightful drive around Berlin. The local radio station is live – you are hearing the news of the minute- but the tour does not seem to change.  We hope the developer will vary the city tours so we can see different areas.


Bluapple Fruit saver

I am going to try this Bluapple Produce Saver because I recently heard rave reviews for it.  It claims to keep produce fresh 2 – 3 times longer.  It does this by absorbing the ethylene gas that produce emits naturally.  Bluapple is certified organic, non-toxic and safe and is very easy to use. Place a packet inside the Bluapple and place it inside the produce drawer.  One packet works for up to three months.  This one-year pack contains two freshness balls and eight refills for $19.99.


Next in Fashion - Friday Bulletin

If you are a fan of Project Runway you might want to check out the new fashion show on Netflix called Next in Fashion.  It is a weekly fashion competition hosted by Tan France from Queer Eye and Alexa Chung, a fashion designer and former model. At the end there is  a runway presentation for three judges and the hosts.  One fun aspect is the amazing resource the designers have at their disposal – a room full of gorgeous fabrics and if they can’t find anything suitable the hosts will get it for them.  The contestants are already experienced in the fashion world and have designed for celebrities or had their own fashion lines.  The show draws you in, and if you are interested in fashion you will learn a great deal about all that is involved.


magnetic clasps for jewelry

Subscriber Charlotte S. shared these clever magnetic clasps with us so that we could share them with you.  I have one necklace with a magnetic fastener, and it is a favorite.  Spring rings can be hard to open – especially when you are in a hurry.

The circle end of this magnetic clasp attaches to the spring ring on your existing necklace and the spring ring on the new clasp attaches to the ring on your necklace.  The magnetic clasp extends the necklace by ¾ of an inch.

These clasps come in three finishes: Sterling Silver, 14k Yellow Gold Filled and 14K White Gold Rhodium Plated. All claim to be high quality, nickel, and allergy free. Each pair is $13.95.


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