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The Explorers are a team of professional scientists, artists, photographers, videographers and citizens of the world who travel and are creating an inventory of our world. The mission of this non-profit is to showcase our amazing planet, it’s beauty and fragility in the hopes of uniting us in awe, love and respect for our planet.  Their goal is to create a free planet-wide inventory in high definition photographs and videos in 4K resolution.  Viewers can search for something specific, view a feed, or just browse the earth. Perhaps The Explorers unified love and concern for our world might inspire a collective concern for its health and heritage.

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I love all linens and am always on the lookout for the newest and best, especially bed linens.  New York Magazine’s The Strategist did a survey of the best bed sheets last fall.  The categories are best percale, best linen, best sateen, best silk sheets and best alternative-fiber sheets.  There something for everyone!




Fluxx writes about product and service design.  Fluxx editor Tom Whitwell compiles a list annually of the things he learned while working on projects at Fluxx the previous year, and he cites the sources.  I look forward to the list every year.  In this year’s 2019 list, number 20 is “Teenagers with acne get higher marks, are more likely to complete college and, if female, eventually get paid more than people without teenage acne.”  One more and then you can peruse the rest of the list. “72% of classical musicians have taken beta blockers for performance anxiety.”

biodegradable glitter jar

Need to add some bling to your party outfit?  Try biodegradable glitter make-up.

Today Biodegradable Glitter



Today Glitter – Comes in 29 colors and is $10.00.


BioGlitz biodegradable glitter



Bioglitz – Has glitter in solid shades and multicolored mixes.  $20.00.



eco stardust biodegradable glitter


Ecostardust has every color, size, shape and a rainbow shape if you can’t decide.  $6.00.



Rituel de Fill glitter

Rituel de Fille – has Celestial Sphere Eye Soot gelee.  $38.00.


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Salmon, Orzo, Pesto Soup

salmon orzo pesto soup


Use These Apps to Complete your To-Do List

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