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Smile at your phone.  Subscriber Missy S. gave me this thumbs up pair of hands which holds my iPhone on my desk – either vertically or horizontally – and its whimsy and bright color make me smile.  Mine is red, but you can choose blue, green, purple, or black.  Thumbs Up cell phone holder.  Five for $29.99


I am crazy about this website.  Whenever I’m on the hunt for something new to watch on TV, I go to this site.  Put in the time frame you are interested in (1900 – 2023), if you want to search for movies, TV shows or both, on which streaming sources (twelve of the most popular are offered) and how high an average rating you want (0 – 100).  I have found many gems to watch that I had never heard of and thoroughly enjoyed.



If you are hanging lightweight posters and don’t want to pay for expensive framing, this magnetic poster hanger kit is the way to go.  Poster sizes that will fit this frame are 20” x 28”, 20” x 24”, and 20” x 30”.  The magnetic frame uses teak wood and a strong magnet. $16.99 for one frame.

This start-up wins the ‘It’s about time!’ prize this month DeliverZero is a reusable take-out box company that provides reusable take-out containers in New York City.  They are working with over 100 restaurants and doing pilot programs with DoorDash and Caviar.

Customers order their take-out normally and select the reusable container option for $.99. The customer has three weeks to return the containers by handing them back to the courier at delivery, requesting a free pick up at your door, or dropping off at any return point.

Similar companies are starting up in Portland, OR and Durham, NC. https://www.deliverzero.com/