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102 Top Netflix Movies



If you are trapped inside by terrible weather, Popsugar has posted what it considers to be the best Netflix original movies of 2019.  There are 102 of them!


Gorilla Bins and MoviesMoving has gotten easier.  Gorilla Bins rents green, reusable stackable moving boxes and moving supplies in New York City.  They offer free delivery and pick-up in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens.  Their goal is to ‘replace the cardboard’ and make moving less stressful and more environmentally friendly. Outside of New York City, there is Rent a Crate, U-Haul, Bungo Box, Rent A Green Box, Redi-Box, and Bin It  – all have ready-to-go plastic moving boxes to rent, saving money and tons of cardboard from the landfills.

An AI App for Movie Stars

FaceApp is an iOS and Android app developed by a Russian company called Wireless Lab.  It will transform faces in photographs using AI.  It can transform a face to make it smile, look younger, older and even change gender. The app is very popular and fun to use.  Questions have been raised about privacy concerns, so do some research if that worries you. The app is free.





Ever had a ring get stuck on your finger?  Do not panic.  Harvard Medical School has a solution using dental floss.  I’ve been told it is miraculous.



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