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Northern Lights in Norway

Watch almost 2 minutes of footage a photographer took of the Northern Lights in Norway.  It is beautiful!  It could make an interesting special activity for kids at home.


We have written about Hygge, the Danish word for cozy,  Lykke, the Danish word for happiness and Lagom, the Swedish word for living a balanced life .  Now we’ve discovered Mys, an important part of Swedish culture.  It comes from the term fredagsmys which translates as ‘Cozy Fridays’.  Mys Friday evenings are a time of cozy relaxation, flickering candles, classic TV, and consumption of comfort food, like pizza and tacos. Mys is a free pass – there is no guilt about eating chips and ice cream and watching something mindless and fun on TV.  Mys is an attitude to life, something to look forward to after working hard all week, a reward of sorts.  It is a feeling of happiness and contentment. It sounds like the perfect approach to a pandemic.  If you told me a pandemic would be eight months of Mys, I would jump for joy!!

Baby Names

Know someone who is struggling to come up with a name for their expected baby?  Go to www.babynames.com and learn the most popular names of the year, research name meanings, and the history of names you have in your family.

One of our daughters left behind a Radio Flyer after a visit and now I have my very own ‘little red wagon’.  I don’t know what I did without it. A neighbor saw me taking a load of packages to the car in it – and she immediately asked for one for Christmas.  Yes, it will give children a good ride around the neighborhood, but I use it for everything from firewood and recycling to groceries and picnics.  To fold it, I simply grab a handle in the bottom of the wagon bed and lift. It cleans easily and fits into my car. It weighs 19 lbs. and is 39.37″ L x 21.26″ W x 32.68″ H. The basic folding wagon is $89.99.

You can go wild with canopies, off-road tires, and customization.


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bowl food

Bowl Food


Games for after the presents are open