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These whimsical glasses are Ichendorf tumblers by Alessandra Baldereschi.  The fish series is their latest edition.  Each glass is 3.35” W x 3.15” H. They are made with borosilicate glass which is completely non-toxic. It has low thermal expansion and high resistance to thermal and chemical stress.  It can still break or crack if exposed to excessive force or extreme temperatures. Glasses must be hand washed only. They are $20.00 each or $120 for a set of 6.


If you need to turn ginger or garlic into a paste, or finely grate turmeric, cinnamon, nutmeg, or a radish, try this Japanese grater called an Oroshigane.  It is solidly built of pewter-plated copper and studded with tiny burrs, each one cut and raised by hand.  This grater is palm-sized and comes in the adorable shape of a turtle, or a crane in addition to the traditional paddle shape.

Note:  These both recently sold out, but we decided that because they are so adorable we’d introduce you to them anyway and you can ask to be “Notified me when available”. $49.00.


As winter settles in, check out this survey by New York Magazine’s The Strategist on the best two-player board games.  Click here for the survey.


I was introduced to another great kitchen gadget this week.  Liz I. put this in her husband’s Christmas stocking and they both love it.  He uses it to break up ground sausage when he makes his specialty breakfast recipe.  She uses it to break up baked potatoes to be mashed.  Amazon calls it a meat chopper.  It has five plastic curved blades and is heat resistant. It is good for mashing any type of ground meat and any other ingredient you need to smash.  It will not damage nonstick pans.  $9.99.