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Friday Bulletin, Computer Stand,

I work on my computer many hours a day, usually on the couch with the computer in my lap.  My neck and back have begun to revolt so I have been in the market for something to raise my computer to improve my computer posture.  I recently read a good review of this SAIJI Adjustable Portable Laptop Stand.  It comes in two sizes – large and medium.  It has foldable legs, can be set at any height between 9.4” – 12.6” and has four different angle settings.  The laptop and mouse are prevented from sliding off the table by retractable blockers and soft wrist rest.  There are three colors to choose from.  You can work on it on a desk, bed or couch.  $39.99 for the medium size.

Friday Bulletin Fisherman's Friends

After The Friday Bulletin we posted on February 5th with a piece about trending sea shanties, several readers wrote in to say that we had to watch a movie called Fisherman’s Friends.  I had never heard of it (released in 2019) but the husband and I dutifully watched it.  It is fantastic.  Both Ginny and I heartily recommend it.  It is a charming, feel-good movie loosely based on a true story and is rated PG13.  Click here for a trailer to give you an idea.

Accidentally left the caps lock on?

Have you ever been typing away, looked up only to realize that your text is all upper case by mistake?  It happens to me a fair amount, so I was thrilled to learn about Convert Case.  Just copy and paste the offending text into the little box they provide, click ‘lower case’ and poof!  It’s magically in lower case.


Friday Bulletin Bird House with Camera

Here is a birder’s idea of heaven – an up close and personal bird feeder camera to capture shots of the birds who stop by for a snack. The birds activate a motion sensor which triggers the camera shutter to take a photo. Doesn’t that sound great!  All ages will love it. I was curious about why it didn’t get higher ratings and here are two suggestions.  Charge the camera before inserting the memory card.  Also, there is no shelf for the birds to land on so try to add a shelf or hang it near something they can perch on while eating.

Here are two photos one person’s bird feeder camera took:

Bresser Bird Feeder Camera Model # MFR #40-40001.  $30.00-$40.00. It is sold out most places but Bed Bath and Beyond expects a reshipment in 2-4 weeks and Rainbow Resource Center said their shipment was coming 2/10/21.