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We wrote about Bird Buddy in 2021 but it was still a work in progress and sold out quickly.  ASE reader Lindsay alerted us that they were back with a new and improved version, with the option of a solar roof.  The price has not increased in the intervening two years.

Bird Buddy is an AI-powered camera bird feeder.  It notifies you when there are bird visitors and takes their photos automatically. You can also control the camera from your phone. $199 for one with 20% discount, 30% discount if you buy a second.

This Bird Buddy comes with a charger, nylon hanging cord, filling cup and a bottom mount.  It comes in green or yellow.

All Bird Buddies are currently sold out, but you can pre-order and the estimated shipping is April, 2023.

This Bird Buddy has a detachable solar roof which means less recharging.   $269.00 with a 28% discount.  Estimated shipping in April 2023.

Note:  Please remember that birds are often on the brink of starvation during winter months.  Your birds will become dependent on your bird feeder and if you stop filling it, some may die before they can find a new food source.  Please keep your feeder filled!




iFetch Frenzy is a battery-free toy for a small dog.  When your dog drops a mini tennis ball into the top funnel, the ball rolls out of a random hole in an unexpected direction. $49.99.

This PetSafe Bolt Laser Cat Toy is interactive and keeps cats entertained. It is safe for pets and requires 4 AA batteries.  The laser moves randomly across floors and walls.  It turns off automatically after 15 minutes to prevent your kitty from becoming over-stimulated. $21.95.