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canned emails

This is a site has 20 pre-written emails that cover the most common topics. The emails are ready to send. Some of them are very useful, because some topics cause angst, like asking to be paid back.  I would have to spend a lot of time composing an email that danced around a money topic. Here is their pre-written email on this topic:

“I just wanted to let you know you owe me [ AMOUNT OF MONEY OWED ]

It’s easy to forget about these things, so I wanted to send you a quick reminder.

Let me know your preferred way of sending me money. I’m flexible, so whatever is most convenient for you.


I love this!! Canned Emails.

Safe water and canned emails

‘Just the Flight’ website has researched where the safest drinking water is around the world.  It uses the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  They also provide information about the prices of bottled water and the price of a bottle of beer. This is a great site!


The wonderful website Food52 has done a survey of the “Best & Worst Food Trends From the Past Decade”.  Food trends come and go quickly and this survey is fun to read and brings back memories, like the Cronut.


Canned emails makes the year better

Nicholas Kristof offers welcome, positive perspective on 2019.  When compared to the eons before, in 2019, children were less likely to die, adults were less likely to be illiterate and fewer people suffer from disease. If positive news would be welcome, read this!

For humanity overall, life just keeps getting better.


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