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Tineye and Foto Forensics are sites that provide image forensics.

TinEye  is a reverse image search engine that uses image and pattern recognition to deconstruct the history of an image.  Users submit an image to learn where it came from and how it is being used.  To see some of their interesting searches and results, click here.

FotoForensics is a free public website that provides researchers and investigators information about the particular image they have submitted for analysis. For example, was the image edited or cropped?  There are many image analysis tools that FotoForensics is able to apply.


Integrating calendars and maps for Google and Apple:

I just learned a new trick that I’m hoping will be helpful to those readers who aren’t already aware of it.

On your Apple device, when you add a location to an event in your Calendar, a map and weather information are automatically added.  An alert is set so you are notified when it’s time to leave.  You can also add travel time to the event’s duration.

Google Maps can be integrated with your Google Calendar by first logging in with the same email account.  Every time you add a new event to your Google Calendar, Google Map will automatically track the invitations and events where the location is included.  To add a location manually just click on the event in the calendar.

Click on the option to preview the location and directions in Maps.  You can add the directions to your calendar or send them to your phone.


For those of you over or nearing 40, reading glasses have probably made an entrance into your lives.  Needing reading glasses is a nuisance, and I realized that one thing I could do for guests staying over is to leave a mid-range strength pair in my guest room and guest bath.

TikTok has become the arbiter of all new trends, ideas, and new products.  A new damaged hair repair brand called Olaplex burst onto the hair product market with a patented ‘bond-building’ formula for hair repair.  Since then, many other brands have come out with similar products that claim to be able to repair disulfide bonds inside hair that has been damaged by coloring, bleaching, brushing or UV rays.  Bond bar bonding shampoo is suitable for all hair types and provides hair with moisture balanced with protein.  It can be used on color-treated hair because it is non-stripping. $8.99 for 8 fl oz.