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‘Just the Flight’ website has a very handy survey if you are planning a trip.  They have researched the city airports that are the farthest from their cities.  If your flight is a long one, the last thing you want is a long drive to your destination city.  For example, Frankfurt’s Hahn Airport is a 1.5 hour drive from Frankfurt or a 2 hour bus ride. Just the Flight has also provided the cities that have the closest airports.  The San Diego airport is only 3.3 miles from San Diego.


Food52 and Kindle Publishing

Food52 is a wonderful food and kitchen website.  It is celebrating its 10th anniversary and the staff has chosen the 10 recipes that were the most popular among their readers.

Food52’s 10 Best Recipes of the Decade.

Kindle Direct Publishing

Is one of your New Year’s Resolutions to finally get that book you wrote self-published?  KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) is a print-on-demand service that is considered one of the easiest to use and produces high quality books.  It is owned by Amazon.  If you use KDP you can choose to print your book as either an eBook or paperback and you can sell your book on Amazon.  A standard paperback book printed in black and white would cost around $4.00 per copy to print-on-demand.


EyeJust and Kindle Publishing


“Blue light emitted by screens penetrates all the way to the retina”

Gigi Mortimer began to keep track of just how much time her family was spending on their devices and she grew concerned about their eyesight. After talking with ophthalmologists, she decided to do something to help.  She created a tempered glass filter that partially blocks harmful blue light.  The filter will minimize the damage your tech devices are doing to your health.

EyeJust sells blocking screen protectors for the iPad at $45.00, the iPhone at $34.99 and Macbooks for $56.00.


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