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Alexa's house guests

If you often have house guests and would like to be more efficient about imparting information about your house, their guest room, or the neighborhood, create an audible guide on your Alexa.  It could save your guests stressful moments of trying to work the TV remote while they are waiting for you to get home from work. Remember that Alexa is not discrete, best NOT to put important passwords in your guide. Houseguest Guide on Alexa.

house guests, time for turkey

Mea Culpa – I missed getting this information to you in time for Thanksgiving!  However, for those of us who also roast a turkey for Christmas, I hope this is helpful!

Spotify’s Turkey Timer generates playlists of various lengths based on your bird’s weight. Enter the weight of your bird and Spotify will recommend a cooking time and then ask if you’d like to listen to podcasts, pop music or R & B.  Choose your genre which will include family-friendly listening.  When you hear the ‘DING” remove your perfectly roasted turkey.  Turkey roasting playlist.

celebrate first reads with house guests

Did you know that if you are an Amazon Prime member, you are entitled to one free Kindle book a month from Amazon’s book selections?  It’s called Amazon First Reads.  Search among the ‘Editors’ Picks’ and if you are a Prime member, choose one free Kindle book each month. If you’d prefer a print edition, shop among Amazon’s selections and pay only $9.99 or less.

Ursa Major Deodorant

Ursa Major was named Best Natural Deodorant according to Good Housekeeping magazine. It is for both men and women and is made with plant-based ingredients like eucalyptus and aloe with no synthetic fragrances or aluminum.  Clay and baking soda in the formula help absorb moisture and stop odor.  It is a stick deodorant with a smooth texture and a crisp scent of blended peppermint and eucalyptus.  $18.00.

Marvelous Mrs. Maisel entertaining House Guests

The Marvelous MrsMaisel will return for Season 3 on Friday, Dec. 6, and, as usual, the entire season will drop at once, so plan your holiday binge accordingly.


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