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With winter coming and the pandemic surging we might have more time to do a post-holiday clean out of our homes.  The You Tube channel Clean My Space has over 500 videos on how to clean, de-clutter and organize your home.  The channel has 1.64 million subscribers.

We watched Mathew McConaughey’s movie The Lincoln Lawyer the other evening.  It was released in 2011 and is rated R.  It also stars Marisa Tomei, William H. Macy, Bryan Cranston and John Leguizamo among others.  It was just what we could handle right now.  Mick Haller (McConaughey) is a defense lawyer who works out of his chauffeur-driven Lincoln Continental.  The central problem is what does a defense lawyer do if he comes to believe that his client is guilty? It is referred to as a legal thriller, but there was nothing scary enough to send me running for cover. I found it a snappy, upbeat, ‘bad boy’ kind of movie and quite enjoyable.

Did you know that Google has an Arts & Culture site? It features content from over 2,000 leading museums, sites and landmarks. You can explore this site by searching these categories –  Artists, Mediums, Art Movements, Historic Events, Historical Figures or Places.  One review said that the Arts & Culture site, through high resolution, allows viewers to get a closer look at the art than actual museums would allow. You can also explore the site by time and color, or by collections.  Google’s Art & Culture site is a non-profit and the mission is to preserve art and culture online and bring it to the world.  They work with cultural institutions and artists to make sure that art and culture are accessible to anyone, anywhere.

Smallbirds – toddle on!  We love our grown up Allbirds, in fact my husband wears little else on his feet.  Now Smallbirds Wool Runners are available for toddler feet.  These cuties are machine-washable like the adult version and slip-on to make life easier at your back door. Smallbirds Wool Runners sizes 5T to 10T, children’s ages 2 to 4.  $55