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Row 7 Seed Company sells seeds with the goal of improving and enhancing the flavor of vegetables.  I saw an interview with the founder, and he explained that vegetable growers focus on making produce look beautiful with a lengthy shelf life, but along the way they focus less on what produce tastes like and its nutrition levels fell by the wayside.  Row 7 collaborates with chefs, farmers and breeders and eaters to make produce taste better than any of us have ever experienced.

Their Beauregarde Snow pea

From their website:

Every single seed we sell is:
— Certified organic
— non-GMO
— Unpatented
— Produced in the U.S.

I have ordered a selection of their seeds to try and grow next summer.  I can’t wait!

Seed packets range from $3.75 to $6.25.

Swurl.com is a new web search engine. It instantly searches Google, LinkedIn, Instagram, Amazon, YouTube, Images, News and Reddit, and all results are viewed by scrolling or swiping.  It’s very easy and concise.  It has no ads, is very fast, and values our privacy.  It’s a timesaver. To search for something click here.


Are you roasting another turkey for your holiday dinner?  Here are the pantry items you can use to thicken your gravy:

Potato Starch
Water Chestnut Powder
Pureed Vegetables


Tree.fm plays the sounds of forests, recorded by people who have visited them. Choose a location from a map of the world with all the forests marked. The website also displays a full screen photo for each forest soundtrack you play. It’s an opportunity to escape into nature and relax whenever you want.


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