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Check out the latest video of the Miniature Wunderland in Germany.  It is amazing!  It is also continually growing.  The latest additions include a bakery that emits smells of fresh baked goods, a coffee shop with coffee aroma, and an airport where the planes actually take off and land.  Over 500,000 hours have been put into creating this masterpiece by craftsmen.



I was a fan of the original fridge magnets, with their own large metal easel in case you didn’t have a fridge available.  They proved to be messy and a rather isolating pastime. I still have a set that collects dust.  Transitioning to the internet, especially during a pandemic, is another proposition altogether, and lots of fun.  The magnets are changed every day with new nouns, verbs, adjectives and emojis.  Create poetry or phrases and then post them.  It’s fun. 





Keb Mo is a wonderful musician and now he has truly stolen my heart with his song “Put a Woman in Charge” with Rosanne Cash.  Check it out.






The United States Post Office receives hundreds of thousands of letters for Santa from children and families.  The letters often ask for toys but many ask for basic necessities or help for their loved ones.  Operation Santa makes it possible for individuals like you and me, as well as organizations, to adopt these letters and send responses and thoughtful gifts in Santa’s stead.


Here’s what else happened this week;

Sking from your couch

Skiing from your couch


Gifts of food

Gifts of Food