Celebrate Middle Child Day

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Laura Roosevelt, a Dallas artist who specializes in mixed media painting, launched her Historic American Pop series of collages and paintings last year. Her series of paintings were inspired by her love of history.  The paintings combine historic photos and her abstract layering techniques.

Is Laura a Middle Child

Her new collection is ten works of abstract art representing “time in transition”. They are beautiful.

36” x 36”

39” x 24”

For information go to www.lrarthouse.com (the site is being updated and should be available soon) or email Laura at [email protected]

Celebrate Middle Child Day

August 12 is Middle Child DayNew York Magazine reports that the middle child in America is an endangered species, “Like the mountain gorilla and the hawksbill turtle”, because most families have shrunk to two children.  “What few people realize is that middle children are actually more likely to successfully effect change in the world than any other birth order,” says psychologist Catherine Salmon, a leading expert on middle children. Read the article, especially if you’re a middle child!

Here’s a list of a few of the many famous middle children:

Martin Luther King, Jr.

David Letterman

Abraham Lincoln

Warren Buffett

Bill Gates

Britney Spears

John Legend


Susan B. Anthony


Peyton Manning

James Corden

Jennifer Lopez

Katy Perry

Is Lior Sercarz a middle child

The owner of the La Boite Spices in NYC, Lior Sercarz, has traveled around the world and worked with some of the most famous chefs in the world including spice master Olivier Roellinger.  For his store he chooses the best spices with the most aromatic and strong flavors.   In addition to his single spices, he has created over 40 blends that are are amazing.   Lior Sercarz gives a spice class once a month in the NYC store. La Boite Spices has a store in NYC or customers can order online.


The Mutual Air Project uses the sound of wind chimes to describe the quality of our air.  You can listen to your air.  The chimes ring when they detect particulates in the air. It is a program at a museum in Oakland California  – a cool environmental awareness idea!


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