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NPRs Life Kit podcast takes on topics and challenges many of us encounter in our lives and dispenses practical information and tools to help us navigate them.  The problems are big and small.  Some recent issues they’ve tackled are:  How to take up biking, how to deal with a friendship that changes, how to forgive, how to get started camping.  As you can see, there is a wide range of issues, and while I never intend to go camping, the hosts are great, and I found myself listening and being interested.  The podcasts are about 20 minutes long, and I especially appreciate the recap they do at the end.

I have an artist in the family and she has discovered a woman-run art supply shop in San Francisco that makes their own watercolors.  She loves these paints and thinks they might be the best paints she’s ever used.  They have put together a curated selection of art supplies and letterpress watercolor papergoods.  The watercolors are handmade using the highest quality earth and synthetic pigments and natural watercolor binding medium made from gum arabic (sap from acacia trees), honey, glycerine, and distilled water. Set includes a swatch card.  A travel set of 8 colors is $100.00.  A 14 color set is $140.00.  Case For Making handmade watercolors.

Radio Garden is a fun website!  You can spin the map of the earth like a globe. The green dots represent radio stations around the world. Rotate the globe, click a dot in whatever country you like, and you will be listening to that radio station. Right now I’m listening to Sakata FM 76.1 in Sakata, Japan.

Want A Glam Rock Road Trip?  Rent A Concert Tour Bus As Your RV.

Now we know how we can get back to Florida this winter. You choose the band whose bus you want to rent!