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Karah P. sent us The Cookie Website because she knew I would love it, and I do.  To use the website, first answer the following six questions by dragging the sliders towards your answer to reflect your cookie preferences:

  • Light or Dark
  • Light & Cakey or Dense & Chewy
  • Smooth or Craggy
  • Soft or Crunchy
  • Spread thin or tall & thick
  • Number of cookies

Every time you update a slider, the list of ingredients and amounts will change. I have not tried baking any cookies from this website yet, but I can’t wait to try.  The website sprang from a COVID shutdown baker and her desire to be able to specifically describe the kind of cookies she wanted to make.





Jason Sudeikis helped create and plays the title character in the TV sitcom Ted Lasso, now starting its second season on AppleTV+. The show is as good as everyone says it is. It’s a feel-good comedy-drama that was just perfect for COVID shutdown bingeing, and I hope will continue to be as entertaining.  Sudeikis plays a happy, positive, and upbeat American football coach hired to manage a second-tier Premier League club in England – a different kind of football – for which Ted Lasso is out of his depth.  It is funny, positive, sophisticated, and clever.  Sudeikis won a Golden Globe for acting in 2020 and the show just received 20 Emmy nominations last month, more than any other comedy series this year.  The show has already been renewed for a third season.


Snorelab was recommended by ASE reader Shaye H. It is an app for iOS and Android that records and tracks snoring, gives users objective data, and helps them to find solutions. The app measures nightly changes in snoring intensity and provides possible remedies to try.  The recordings let snorers hear what they sound like, which can often be a revelation, and a motivation to take action.  Users are encouraged to learn about relevant factors that can contribute to snoring like weight or congestion.  The app assists users in understanding snoring scores, and possible remedies.  The app is free.

For iOS

For Android

This site will search their library of 2 million recipes for any recipe you’d like. Refine the search by ingredients. I entered “Escargot”.   Each time you select an ingredient the original list gets pared down. I then chose the following ingredients:  garlic, butter, shallots, snails, white wine, and parsley. When you’ve selected all the ingredients you want, the recipe list is final. The enormous list of possible ingredients gave me ideas about variations I might try.  You can also search by recipe name or category.



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