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I usually don’t watch “unboxing” videos but  I suppose I might if I needed to find out more information about an item I recently bought.  They are useful particularly in the tech world to show someone unboxing, say, a computer.  They show what comes in the box and what each item is used for. The secondary type of “unboxing video” has become a particular genre on You Tube.  These are usually homemade, (they are easy to make), and shows the ‘unboxing’ of toys, makeup, or small appliances like coffee makers and blenders.  If it’s a consumer product, there is usually an unboxing video of it, often created by amateurs, not the company that sells it. The number of “unboxing videos” has boomed in recent years. The personality of the presenter is very important. They are watched by millions of viewers, and for those who make them, it has become very lucrative. Influencers often make these videos, and kids make up a large percentage of viewers.

This is a link to the top 10 unboxing videos. Ryan Toys Review has 8.9 million subscribers!


The LynQ Long Range Location Tracker was founded with an Indiegogo fundraising campaign in 2018 and it was wildly successful. It is a little tracking gadget that you clip onto your clothes or backpack. It allows others in your group to see your direction and distance on a little circular screen, even if there is no cell phone connection available.  It fits into your palm and only has one button. It uses long range, low power frequencies to connect to other LinQ devices and GPS for location, so no phones or WIFI are needed.  Up to 12 devices can link together and each one can be assigned a name. It has a 3-mile radius on land and  three days of battery life from a single charge.  It is charged via micro USB.  It is useful for any group outing like hiking, skiing, festivals or just keeping track of your kids or grandkids. You can also set a safe zone and be notified if anyone in your group leaves the safe zone.  They are $204.00 each and the price drops the more you purchase.  If you buy a 5-pack the price drops to $177.80 each.  https://lynqme.com/pages/dev-consumer


If you are a fan of stories about sports icons, true crime or modern pop stars, you are in luck.  Esquire magazine’s list of great 2021 documentaries has an abundance of them in all three categories.


Capabunga Wine bottle caps

I have just started using these reusable silicone wine caps which reseal a bottle of wine much more easily and effectively than muscling the cork back into the bottle.  They are ‘wine and air’ tight, so no spills.  If you put an unfinished bottle of white in the fridge, they eliminate that extra two inches of reused cork or stopper which makes the bottle too tall for the shelf. Two solid color wine caps, $7.95.

Add some personality with a saying or icons on your caps. $5.00 for each cap.

Two caps for $11.24.