Friday Bulletin April 23

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Friday Fragaroma

For women without a bathtub, these shower steamer fizzie tablets are the next best thing.  This is an assortment of scents for $23.99.  The scents are heavenly and the whole bathroom smells great.  Put the tablet near where the water hits but not directly under it for the best results.

Louvre's Digitized collection

It looks like it’s too early yet to visit Paris, since at this writing France is in another pandemic lockdown.  Feed your Paris craving by accessing the Louvre’s 482,000 newly digitized artworks.  This is a massively comprehensive undertaking and represents about 75% of the museum’s entire archive.

Friday Bulletin Just Watch App

JustWatch is an app that allows users to browse what is available to stream among all the streaming services.  It is not a streaming service itself.  Think of it as an online TV guide with ‘Watch now’ links that allow you to jump right to the streaming service offering what you’ve selected.  You can browse over 100 different content libraries to see what’s available where, what the quality resolution it’s streaming in, how much it costs and if a subscription is needed etc.  You can also get personal recommendations.  For movies, type in a synopsis of a movie you liked and you will receive a list of similar plots.  The app is free.

JustWatch for Apple

JustWatch for Google

Wake Up Call with Katie Couric

I have heard from many people how much they enjoy Katie Couric’s newsletter, Wake Up Call. Katie Couric heads up her own media business, Katie Couric Media, and she has the newsletter, and a podcast called “Next Question”.  Wake Up Call is a daily newsletter that sums up the latest news.


Here’s what else we wrote about this week;

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