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Create Academy provides online courses on the visual arts. This is a British endeavor so many of the instructors are Brits.  The categories of instruction include Gardening and Floristry, Home and Interiors, Food and Nutrition, and Decorative Arts and Craft.  The courses are available whenever you can take one.  There is no beginning or end date, they are self-paced courses. You can rewatch the courses you’ve signed up for as often as you like. The courses are all taught in English and are available internationally. Rita Konig, a well-known interior designer, has a five-hour course, broken into 36 video lessons.  Each video lesson is 8 – 15 minutes long as she goes room by room.  I can’t wait to sign up. There are free lessons available for many courses if you want to sample before you buy.

Each course is 127£ which as of today is $165.00.


Do you think in black and white, or do you think in color?

Knack’s five-minute test asks 15 questions to measure your open-mindedness, empathy, flexibility, and intellectual curiosity.  They use a floating color blob that changes with each of your answers. https://thinkincolour.eu/


I had not seen this report until last week, so thought I should pass it along.  As of mid-April, Nowcast data from the CDC, reports that the BA.2 omicron subvariant of COVID-19 has now become the dominant strain in the United States.  It makes up 75% of all cases in the country and that total will grow in the coming weeks.  It has similar symptoms to omicron – fever, cough, fatigue, headache, loss of taste or smell, sore throat, and stomach issues.  We know everyone is tired of wearing masks, but please stay healthy and safe.


Nora Fok hand-knit jewelry combines jewelry design with textile art.  The result is wearable artwork influenced by science and math.  She is based in southeast England, working in her home studio.  She creates her pieces by hand, using hand tools and nylon microfilament.  She uses textile processes like weaving, knitting, braiding, and knotting.  Each piece can take weeks to complete. Her last exhibit was at the Cooper Hewitt Museum in New York City in 2018.  For information on upcoming exhibits click here.


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