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The New York Times chronicled the effects of the pandemic – documenting its effects on New York City as the economy tanked, businesses closed, people lost their homes, schools closed, the affluent fled and those who could, lived and worked from home.  This is a moving photo essay of the strain the pandemic wreaked on this glorious city.

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With pandemic restrictions easing, your pets might suddenly find themselves at home alone and feel deserted.  To ease their isolation, try these tricks:

Get a toy that engages and challenges them – for cats there are hide and seek toys by Petlinks

And for dogs

Try Planet Dog’s Link which is an interactive puzzle game with hidden treats.

If you only provide these toys when you leave your pets alone – the puzzles, challenges and hidden treats will remain intriguing and compensate for your absence.  Another tip is to leave instrumental music playing in the house which can be soothing to pets.