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Zoom and Earthflight

Zoom, the cloud-based video conferencing platform, is having a moment.  It has made an enormous difference easing the isolation many people are feeling during the pandemic.  It has also facilitated those who are working at home and need to hold meetings.  I use Facebook and Skype which work well, but Zoom is the new kid on the scene and claims that over half of Fortune 500 companies are using it.  Like many popular internet social connections, there are crashers whose sole intent seems to be to ruin everyone’s fun.  Reader Phoebe D. alerted us to a post on Zoom’s blog that has tips on keeping your Zoom event safe and private. It is a very helpful post for those learning about Zoom.  Signing up for Zoom is free.

National Archives and Earthflight

The National Archives in Washington, D.C. has an idea to pass the time at home.  The National Archives Catalog has 110 million digitized pages of historical records.  Search the Catalog by topic, name or phrase and use filters to narrow your search. Search for a family member’s military records, check out our country’s most famous documents like the Declaration of Independence, take a virtual tour of a Presidential Library and more.  Newly digitized records are added to the Catalog each week, so you will find new things every time you search.

watch Earthflight and read books




Looking for a read-aloud book that all ages will find absorbing?  Phoebe D. has highly recommended a book that has been on the New York Times Best Seller List for over 4 months.

The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse by Charlie Mackesy. $13.59 on Amazon.

Read the review here.




Subscriber Eileen S. was laid up for a while and she has shared her favorite TV inspirations.  Earthflight is a BBC series from 2012 that you can watch on Amazon Prime.  The film was shot from micro lights, small cameras attached to trained birds and drones.  The result is a ‘bird’s-eye’ perspective on our world.  Earthflight.  $1.99 per episode, $10.99 for the season.

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Combat pandemic weariness with streaming cultural options;

Quarantine Entertainmant #2

quarantine entertainment 4


Sharon Lorenzo visits selected works from the Hispanic Society Museum and Library in New York that are on loan to the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston.

The Glory of Spain: Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Texas

The Glory of Spain