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Westminster Dog Show's Gabby

If you want to be exhausted by just sitting and watching something, watch Gabby, the Papillon performing amazing doggie agility tricks at the Westminster Dog Show!  I also give a “hats off” to her owner who had to run like heck just to keep up with Gabby!


Buckminster Fuller records everything​​
Author and inventor Buckminster Fuller had a large scrapbook, where he documented his life every 15 minutes from 1920 to 1983. In it, he shares all kinds of information, including letters, bills, notes, sketches, and newspaper clippings. It is called a Dymaxion Chronofile and is his attempt to record what it means to be a human being – no editing or judgements about what to include or exclude.  It’s all there.
​Some scholars believe that he lived the most documented life in human history. His collection makes up 270 feet of paper. It is more than 140,000 papers and 1,700 hours of audio and video.

Buckminster Fuller’s approach to note taking

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